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50 Years of the National Historic Preservation Act, 11/29/16

November updates- Industrial Heartland Trails, Every Kid in a Park, 11/15/16

Feast to the Beat is this Saturday, 8/13

Feast to the Beat, Music by Jam in the Van, 8/8/16

Feast to the Beat, 8/2/16

Ohio & Erie Canal on CSPAN, 7/20/16

Road Trip!, 7/7/16

Towpath 150, 6/28/16

Canalway Updates, 6/14/16

Thanks for a Great RiverSweep, 5/17/16

Towpath Trail receives Green Infrastructure Grant, 5/2/16

The Newest View of the Cuyahoga, 4/21/16

Latest updates from Canalway Partners, 3/30/16

RiverSweep Update & More, 3/15/16

New Bike Connectivity in Cleveland, 2/9/16

Hemlock Trail, Green Infrastructure & More, 2/2/16

Ohio & Erie Canalway Funding Extended, 1/4/16

Canal Basin Park Framework Plan Approved, 11/23/15

Canalway Updates, 10/28/15

Important Victory for Clean Water, 9/15/15

Graffiti Clean-Up and Project Updates, 8/17/15

National Park Service Director Visits Canalway, 7/20/15

Cycle Canalway & Towpath Trail Receives New Funding, 7/6/15

Special Towpath Announcement, 6/24/15

Tell Congress, Stop the Attacks on Trail Funding, 6/9/15

Cycle Canalway is July 18th, 6/4/15

RiverSweep Totals, Take a Hike, and Upcoming Events, 5/18/15

RiverSweep, With a Little Help From Our Friends, 4/27/15

RiverSweep is May 9th; New Trail Connection, 4/21/15

Upcoming Events and More, 4/2/15

Weekend Getaway Along the Ohio & Erie Canalway, 3/3/15

RiverSweep, Clark Field Public Meeting & More, 2/17/15

Latest News & Opportunity to Connect, 2/3/1

2014 Year in Review and a Glimpse at 2015, 1/14/15

Sen. Brown Leads Renewal of Canalway, 12/16/14

Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail Named “Best of Ohio”, 12/2/14

Latest Updates, The Towpath in Cleveland, 11/19/14

Important Public Meeting, Harshaw Chemical & the Towpath, 11/4/14

Scranton Flats Wins Downtown Development Award, 10/21/14

Calling All Clean Water Supporters, 10/18/14

Towpath Marathon an International Draw, 10/7/14

Take a Hike Extended, 9/23/2014

Towpath Trail in the Washington Post, 9/9/2014

Latest News from the Trail, 8/26/2014

Around the Ohio & Erie Canalway in 31 Days, 7/30/2014

Tim Donovan Leads Take a Hike, 7/24/2014

Latest news from Canalway Partners- Cycle Canalway, Cleveland GiveCamp & more, 7/22/2014

Thanks for Making the Scranton Flats/Towpath Trail Ribbon Cutting an Outstanding Event, 7/14/2014

Be There! The Scranton Flats/Towpath Trail Ribbon Cutting is 1PM, July 7th 7/2/2014

Scranton Flats- We Need Your Votes! 6/26/2014

Towpath Trilogy-

Towpath Marathon: Meet the Champs, 9/30/16

The Towpath Marathon is Two Weeks Away, 9/26/16

Towpath Marathon Medals, 9/19/16

Fun at the Towpath Marathon, 9/14/16

25th Anniversary Towpath Marathon Logo & More, 9/7/16

Towpath Marathon Training Run, 8/31/16

Getting Ready for the Towpath Marathon, 8/19/16

Thanks for a Great Towpath Ten-Ten, 6/30/16

The Towpath Ten-Ten is this Sunday, June 19th, 6/15/16

Towpath Ten-Ten Finisher’s Medal, 6/8/16

Cycle Canalway 2016,  6/2/16

The Towpath Half Marathon is this Sunday 4/10, 4/5/16

Less than Two Weeks Until the Towpath Half Marathon, 3/29/16

Introducing Our 2016 Towpath Half Marathon Performance Tee, 3/24/16

The 2016 Towpath Half Marathon Photo Award, 3/10/16

Towpath Trilogy Partners with Fleet Feet Cleveland, 3/2/16

Carb Boom! Energy Gels available at all Trilogy races, 2/25/16

Towpath Half Marathon Price Increase March 1, 2/23/16

Save the Date for a Special Towpath Trilogy Event, 2/3/16

Towpath Marathon Thank-You’s, 10/30/15

Towpath Marathon Goody Bags, 9/29/2015

The Towpath Marathon Finisher’s Medal, 9/23/2015

The 2015 Towpath Marathon Photo Award, 9/18/2015

Our 2015 Towpath Marathon Tech Tee, 9/15/2015

Towpath Marathon News, 9/11/2015

The Towpath Trilogy Mug, 9/4/2015

Carb Boom! Energy Gel at the Towpath Marathon, 8/24/2015

Towpath Marathon in Runner’s World, 8/19/2015

New half marathon and 10k courses at the Towpath Marathon, 8/5/2015

Only 25 Cycle Canalway Spots Remain, 7/14/15

Thanks for Another Great Towpath Ten-Ten, 6/23/15

The Towpath Ten-Ten After Party, 6/12/15

The Towpath Trilogy Mug, 6/4/15

The Towpath Ten-Ten Photo Award, 6/1/15

Towpath Ten-Ten Tech Tee, 5/19/15

Act Now, Towpath Ten-Ten Early Bird Pricing Ends Tonight, 4/30/15

Thanks for a Great Towpath Half, 4/16/15

Last Chance to Save on Registration, 4/6/15

The Towpath Half After Party, 4/1/2015

Our Towpath Half Marathon Tech Tee, 3/23/2015

Towpath Trilogy partners with Fleet Feet Sports, 3/11/2015

Act Now, Towpath Half Price Rise March 1st, 2/25/2015

This year I resolve to.. 12/30/15

Thank You for Another Great Towpath Marathon, 10/16/2014

Towpath Marathon, 10 Spots Remain, 10/10/2014

Towpath Marathon, Runner Perks, 9/30/2014

Towpath Marathon Prizes, 9/25/2014

Towpath Marathon Photo Award, 9/17/2014

Towpath Marathon Top 10, 9/10/2014

Act Now, Half Marathon Spots are Going Fast, 9/5/2014

Welcome Home, Towpath Marathon, 8/14/2014