Innerbelt Bridge Update

It has been a while since we’ve checked in on the Innerbelt Bridge project– now called the George V. Voinovich Bridge. Since our last post, the first span has opened, the 1959 Bridge has been demolished in dramatic fashion, and the second span has made major progress.

How does the George V. Voinovich Bridge relate to the Towpath Trail Extension Project? As part of the project, ODOT is constructing a portion of Stage 4 of the Towpath. This piece will provide the connection between Tremont and Scranton Flats.


Future Stage 4 of the Towpath from the Abbey Overlook

The Towpath construction is part of the Bridge Project’s larger efforts to integrate with Tremont and Downtown. These efforts include public art, a Sideyard park in Tremont, scenic overlooks, plazas and parking. Soon, the bridge will be illuminated with color-variable LED lighting similar to that on the Terminal Tower.

The Bridge Project is also making interesting sustainability efforts, including innovative reuse of materials, creating Peregrine Falcon nests and eventually creating fish habitats on the north side of the Cuyahoga River.


Spaces between the slats provide a hideaway for fist

The George V. Voinovich Bridge Project will create two five-lane spans of highway traffic over the Cuyahoga River. The Bridges are not just important to Cleveland; Interstate 90 is of national significance as the longest east-west route in the United States, running from Boston to Seattle.

The George V. Voinovich Bridge project is making efforts to build connections and enhance Cleveland beyond the creation of two major bridges.