Four Places to Park For Access to the Northern End of the Towpath Trail

After being cooped up in your house, you’ve loaded your bike on your vehicle and headed to the Harvard Ave. trailhead for an invigorating ride on the Towpath Trail. As you arrive you realize “Uh-oh, a LOT of other folks had the same idea….”

We’re seeing unprecedented demand on our local parks and trails and if you can’t ride your bike to access these spaces, we thought we’d share four suggestions on other parking locations where you can access the northern end of the Towpath Trail.

Tremont/Abbey Rd./Innerbelt Bridge Parking Lot.

Note: University Rd. is a construction site so from the parking lot, head east on Abbey, turn right on W. 11th, left on Fairfield Ave. which turns into Professor Ave., left on Literary Ave., down the hill to the trailhead at University Rd.

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Clark Field

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Steelyard Commons/ArcelorMittal Steel Heritage Center

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Cleveland Metroparks Canalway Center: 

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Happy riding!