Tremont Towpath Integration Plan Kicks Off in 2017

The following appeared in the Tremont West Development Corporation February newsletter “Inside Tremont

Tremont West in partnership with Tremont Pointe applied for and received an Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing Strategies Fund grant to carry out a neighborhood-wide engagement and planning process to identify strategies that will integrate the Towpath Trail into the fabric of our neighborhood. Tremont is the only place where the Towpath Trail will touch public housing and we are committed to making that connection a strong, positive and meaningful connection for residents and visitors alike.

Tremont West has identified community members and partners to take part in steering and stakeholder meetings and will be reaching out to you via survey and focus groups to sort through what impact this asset will actually have on our community. This period of collective exploration will give us the opportunity to identify best practices for integrating trails like this into urban communities while providing an opportunity for Tremonters to develop a unique connection to the trail.
Tremont West is seeking a plan that addresses broadly:

  • Perception
  • Attraction
  • Ownership
  • Marketing
  • Wayfinding

We are grateful to the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing for funding this plan. We hired Studio Graphique to assist us in creating this plan. They are a Cleveland-based communication design consultancy with branding, marketing and wayfinding expertise used to support public places shape how people experience and interact with their environments. This process should be completed by fall of this year.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved, please contact Michelle Davis at 216-575-0920, ext. 103.

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