Tremont Field Site

EPA is starting an environmental cleanup in the Tremont Field Site in mid-September and is holding an open house meeting to announce it. The open house is being hosted in collaboration with Councilman Kerry McCormack’s office, the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.  During this public availability session EPA will provide information about the cleanup at the Site also known as Clark Fields Park, the City will share its renovation plans for the park and the County will provide updates about the Tow Path Trail project, which is next to the park.

To mitigate the contamination threat at the Tremont Field Site, EPA will install of a two-foot thick soil barrier on top of contaminated portions of the park. In addition, EPA will take the following actions:

  1. Develop and implement a Site Health and Safety Plan, a Site Security Plan, an Air Monitoring and Sampling Plan, and a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.
  2. Excavate and re-grade impacted areas for the installation of a soil barrier.
  3. Install drainage along the Site’s perimeter as needed.
  4. Install marking layer over contaminated areas
  5. Characterize, excavate, and dispose of soils and debris as needed.
  6. Decontaminate heavy equipment as necessary, and appropriately dispose of decontamination water;
  7. Perform Site restoration, including, but not limited to grading and backfilling;

EPA anticipates that the entire project will take 6-9 months of field activities, but this work may need to be phased over the course of multiple years.


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Tremont FS Open House