Great Mother’s Day RiverSweep Story

We recently spoke with Adrienne of Tremont who shared a great RiverSweep story-

So, how did you first get involved with RiverSweep?
My neighborhood in Tremont has always been very involved with RiverSweep. I signed up to volunteer after receiving an email for the event four years ago, and I’ve been participating ever since.

Did anything memorable happen at RiverSweep?
During my second year participating in RiverSweep, I was nine months pregnant and due eleven days after the event. My husband and I were helping other volunteers clean up down on Quigley Road. I remember a group went to Clark Bar afterward for burgers and beers, but I felt like I needed to go home and rest. Within three hours, we were getting ready to head to the hospital because my water broke. I guess the baby wasn’t as big of a fan of cleaning up as I was. My son is turning three this week, and he’ll be accompanying me on the cleanup for the first time.

Adrienne and family at the Towpath Stage 3 groundbreaking

That’s great! What are you most excited for as the Towpath comes to Tremont?
I’m most excited for the additional green spaces. We now have two children, and finding fun and creative ways for them to burn off all of their energy is important to me. Having immediate access to playscapes and bike paths will not only be a gift in that respect, but just another reason to love Cleveland.

RiverSweep has been clearing the way for new parks and trails for 28 years. New or expanded parks, trails and greenways have been created from RiverSweep sites including:

  • Scranton Flats
  • Hart Crane Park
  • West Creek Reservation
  • Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation
  • Rockside Rd. to Lower Harvard Ave
  • Washington Reservation, Trail connection along E 49th St./expanded First Tee golf course
  • Treadway Ravine, connects Cleveland Park with Jennings, near Towpath Trail
  • Mill Creek Falls and trail, connection to Garfield Park
  • Steelyard Commons, Towpath Trail Stage 2

Do you have a memorable RiverSweep story you’d like to share? Contact Ken with details