Gravity Place in the Flats

While doing a little homework related to the Cleveland Centre Historic District, we were reminded of the existence of the “Gravity Place” in the Flats.

From the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History-

“Late in 1833, Jas. S. Clark, Edmund Clark, and RICHARD HILLIARD laid out Cleveland Centre in the first curve of the Cuyahoga, known as the Ox Bow Bend. A geometric pattern of streets bearing names such as German, French, and China radiated from Gravity Place.”

The Gravity Place can be seen on this “Map of Cleveland and its Environs” from 1835 (see more vintage Cleveland maps here)



After some debate, we speculate that it was named Gravity Place as it was located at a topographic low point in the area, rather than a place that defies Newton’s laws.

PD July 10 1896_Gravity Place

Cleveland Plain Dealer; July 10, 1896

Coincidentally, NASA’s Zero Gravity Research Facility, the largest facility of its kind in the world is not too far from the Gravity Place, in Brook Park, Ohio.