The Towpath 150 will return-

July 15th & 16th, 2017

The Towpath 150 is a cycling event from Cleveland to Bolivar. Riders will travel the length of the Towpath in the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area, taking in the sites while raising funds to support Canalway Partners in the development of the Towpath Trail in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

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How does it work?

Register for the Towpath 150, the entry fee is $150. We ask that riders raise an additional $150 to help develop the Towpath Trail and the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area.

There are three ride options:

  • Full ride, Cleveland to Bolivar and back- 150 miles
  • Half ride, Cleveland to Bolivar- 75 miles
  • 1 day ride, Mustill Store to Bolivar and back- 80 miles

Visit the CrowdRise Towpath 150 page to assist you with fundraising.

Individuals who raise $150 or more receive a collectible Towpath 150 Jersey

  • Canalway Partners will provide meals, multiple snack stops and transport gear
  • Riders are invited to the Summer Spectacular party in scenic Bolivar Saturday night
  • Participants can camp out, stay in the Bolivar Elementary School gym, or make their own arrangements
  • If riders do not wish to ride the entire distance, they may switch with a teammate at lunch. Teams must provide transportation if they wish to split the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals for the Towpath 150?

The Towpath 150 is an overnight bike ride from Cleveland to Zoar/ Bolivar and return over the days of Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16.  The distance is approximately 150 miles.  It is an experiment to create a tourism-based program that also serves as a fundraiser for Canalway Partners, asking riders to solicit tax deductible donations.  The two-day event allows cyclists to experience a range of landscapes and interact with residents within the southern reach of the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area.

Describe the ride.

You begin by parking your car or getting dropped off at the Arconic parking lot (get directions) on Harvard Avenue, where your car (if left) will be secure (7am – 8am).  You place any luggage/tents/etc into U-Haul for delivery in Bolivar – you receive maps with routes (although you will ride Towpath Trail, you do have options to take to the street by following the designated America’s Byway); phone sheet with staff phone numbers.  By 8am, you are riding the route, stopping at designated snack and lunch stops.  You ride into Bolivar and make a decision if you want to extend your ride to Zoar (about a 6 mile round trip).  With the ride completed, you check into the Bolivar Middle School to set up your night – getting tents, etc from U-Haul, dinner ticket, etc.  Once you have things in order, you hop aboard a shuttle bus which transports you the nearby Bolivar High School for showers.  The bus returns you to the Middle School.  When ready, you join the Bolivar Summer Spectacular street party with car cruise, band, beer garden, and chicken dinner.  You return to the Middle School to sleep.  Sunday morning, snacks will be served between 7am – 8am.  You load your gear into the U-Haul for the return trip – beginning the ride by 8 am.  Just like Saturday, you ride the same route back, stopping at designated snack and lunch stops.  Your destination is the Arconic parking lot where you retrieve your luggage and gear- Mission Accomplished!

What is the fundraising requirement?

There is a $150 registration fee, individuals are asked to raise an additional $150. Riders that raise $150 or more receive a collectible jersey.

How do you raise funds?

Most people reach out to friends, fellow workers, and family.

Do you have to ride 150 miles?

No.  If you want to ride a distance other than 150 miles, you can.  We do not provide a shuttle service, so you would have to make the necessary arrangements.

Where are the snack stops and lunch spot for Saturday and Sunday?

Saturday:  snack stop at Mustill Store (mile 32); lunch at Canal Fulton (mile 53); snack at Craig

Pitman Park (mile 70)

Sunday: breakfast in Bolivar; snack stop at Canal Fulton (mile 25); lunch at Mustill Store

(mile 46); snack at Red Lock in CVNP (mile 63)

Where can we sleep overnight?

Riders can stay at the Bolivar Middle School, in the gym or camping on the lawn, for free or make their own arrangements.

The Sleep Inn Bolivar is a nice destination, (330) 874-3435.

What is happening in Bolivar on Saturday evening?

Bolivar is hosting its annual Summer Spectacular in downtown Bolivar – a short walk from the Bolivar School.  The party includes a Car Cruise/ Chicken Dinner/ outdoor movie.  Riders fee includes meal.

Can you transport a tent and sleeping bag – to Bolivar and back to Cleveland?


Is the ride really 150 miles?

Not exactly, but close.


Please email Ken Schneider or call (216)520-1825 if you have any questions.