Scrooge’s Nite Out  – SAVE THE DATE – December 6, 2019



The History of Scrooge’s Nite Out


In 1989, a holiday tradition was launched – Scrooge’s Nite Out.  It was a “rave” before people knew raves.  Occupying old and rehabbing downtown buildings, it was a Woodstock for a new and 

emerging generation.  Scrooge was a mix of beer/ music/ entertainment/ and gambling.  But it was the people who made it memorable.   On the first Friday in December, hundreds upon hundreds of those who believed in a bright future for their home city packed the halls to eat, drink, gamble and dance.  It raised needed funds for the Historic Warehouse District and provided a financial base for the Ohio & Erie Canalway. 

We abandoned the party in 2011.

Today, its founder, Tim Donovan, is heading towards retirement and we will bring back Scrooge’s as a parting farewell and hope to bring back   this historic holiday party for future generations and those that love and support all good things for Cleveland. Please help us sell tickets.