Cuyahoga Valley National Park is 11th in Visitation

Visitation at America’s national parks broke all-time records in 2015 as the National Park Service has been celebrating its 2016 Centennial with a major push to encourage more visitors to experience their national parks. In the recently released report by Director Jonathan B. Jarvis, there were 306.7 million visits to national parks, up five percent from 2015, which was also a record-setting year with 292.8 million visits.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) ranked as the eleventh most visited national park with 2,281,400 visits in 2015. This represents a four percent increase from 2014, when the park received 2,189,800 visits. CVNP does not charge an entrance fee, so does not have entrance stations. Visitation is determined by counters placed at trailhead parking lots.

“We are pleased to see the increase in visitation,” said Craig Kenkel, Superintendent of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. “For the National Park Service Centennial, we are inviting all Americans to discover their national parks. Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s location in northeast Ohio makes this park easily accessible to millions of people. The increase in visitation suggests that people are hearing about the park and choosing to come visit.”

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