“Campaigns of Yesterday” at Bedford Historical Society

From our friends at the Bedford Historical Society

Bricker & Eckler LLP has partnered with the Bedford Historical Society for a new exhibit that features campaign memorabilia of presidential campaigns with ties to Ohio.

Campaigns of Yesterday showcases artifacts of twentieth century presidential campaigns from local collectors. Bricker & Eckler, an Ohio-based law firm, provided artifacts to the historical society related to John W. Bricker’s 1944 vice presidential campaign.  Bricker served as a U.S. Senator and Governor of Ohio in addition to his bid for the White House on the bottom of the Thomas E. Dewey ticket.


Bill Mason, a partner with Bricker & Eckler and a former Cuyahoga county prosecutor, presented artifacts from the firm’s collection to the museum.

“The Republican National Convention is upcoming and John Bricker was a Republican vice presidential candidate in the 1940’s.  The firm has many relics that are very important, and to loan them to the Bedford Historical Society and give guests an opportunity to experience this time period is very exciting.  It is important to share history from one generation to another,” said Mason.

The pieces lent by Bricker & Eckler give the exhibit a different dimension, as they focus on a vice presidential candidate.

“When we created this exhibit we wanted to focus on as many Ohio ties as possible.  Although, we have 8 presidents from Ohio, we don’t have a vice president from the state.  To have a vice presidential candidate represented adds a different perspective, especially since it is a statesman as respected as Governor and Senator Bricker,” said Andrew Mizsak, a political historian with the Bedford Historical Society.

The exhibit is open through November and will be highlighted during the Republican National Convention on July 18-21 in Cleveland.


For more information visit www.bedfordohiohistory.org.