A Big Day for Stage 1 of the Towpath Trail!

Monday’s stage 1 Towpath Trail Groundbreaking Ceremony was, as our Executive Director, Tim Donovan said, “Getting what we need, a connection from Steelyard Commons to the current Towpath Trail on lower Harvard Avenue.”

Local officials and dignitaries used the ceremony to provide their unique perspective on the importance of the Towpath Trail extending into Cleveland (to its eventual termination point at Canal Basin Park at the edge of the Cuyahoga River).

  • Armond Budish – Cuyahoga County Executive
  • Mitchell Schneider – President, First Interstate Properties
  • Tony Brancatelli – Cleveland City Council (Ward 12)
  • Kevin Kelley – President, Cleveland City Council (Ward 13)
  • Jocelynn Clemings – Communications and Public Relations Manager, NOACA
  • Myron Pakush – Deputy Director, ODOT District 12
  • Frank Jackson – Mayor, City of Cleveland.

Full-length video of the Groundbreaking Ceremony (courtesy of Cuyahoga County)

For more information on stage 1 of the Towpath Trail, click here